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The Business Perspective

Dell Cloud Manager provides cloud agility, governance, and choice for enterprises. Think of Dell Cloud Manager as the enterprise console to the world of cloud computing.

The Enterprise Cloud Management Solution

Dell Cloud Manager (formerly Enstratius) enables deployment and management of enterprise-class applications across private, public and hybrid clouds. It provides a suite of tools for managing your cloud infrastructure, including the provisioning, management and automation of applications across the leading private and public cloud platforms. Available as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or as on-premises software that enables you to control the cloud from within your own data centers, Cloud Manager provides agility, governance, and choice for your enterprise.

Agility – Cloud Manager helps you meet the economic and operational advantages of cloud computing through a variety of capabilities including self-provisioning, integration to configuration management solutions likes Chef/Puppet and more. You can also integrate automation tools to Dell Cloud Manager through our API. This provides consistency across all cloud platforms and enables your organization to improve service levels.

Governance – Maintaining control over your systems is crucial to reducing risk. Cloud Manager provides tight access controls including encryption, advanced user authentication and budget management. This enables you to provide only the right people the right level of access to your cloud environment.

Choice – With support for all leading public and private cloud platforms, plus access to leading configuration management tools, Cloud Manager offers your organization a unified management solution for your single- or multi-cloud environment. This provides increased efficiency and allows you the freedom to choose the cloud services that work best for your organization.

Today we support Amazon Web Services, Apache CloudStack, Google Compute Engine, Joyent Cloud, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, ScaleMatrix, Virtustream, and VMware vSphere, plus additional Dasein supported clouds. Click here to learn more about certified clouds with Dell Cloud Manager.

In addition, we provide Consulting Services to assist you in your migration into the cloud. We can help you design a deployment to meet your target SLAs and address issues such as scaling parameters, security and compliance.

To learn more, review the screen shots below or view a Dell Cloud Manager demo. If you have questions or would like to discuss your cloud project in more detail, contact us or call 612-746-3091.


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Access Controls

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Budget Controls

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