Cloud Governance

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The Business Perspective

Cloud governance is a critical challenge for enterprises. Dell Cloud Manager enables you to govern your clouds by leveraging your existing IT policies and procedures.

The Enterprise Cloud Governance Solution

As you extend your public and private cloud deployments, cloud governance is becoming a larger issue. Cloud governance is essential for enterprises to maintain control over increasingly complex and integrated systems, services and human resources environments.

Dell Cloud Manager helps you meet your cloud governance needs with a unified management solution that leverages your internal management systems.

These are some of the governance issues that Dell Cloud Manager resolves:

Access Controls – Limit access for internal or external teams to specific resources within one or more clouds. Our flexible role-based security allows you to allocate specific levels of access to development, QA and other teams. Integrate into your LDAP/AD deployment to extend your internal policies into your clouds.

Financial Controls – Track and limit spending by project code, customer or department. Each time a new resource is provisioned across your clouds, Dell Cloud Manager will track the cost and limit the spending, per your specific budget requirements.

Key Management and Encryption - Our patent-pending security architecture enforces a separation of roles. Dell Cloud Manager, running outside the cloud, is the guardian of your security keys and credentials, but has no access to your data. Your cloud provider has your encrypted data, but not the encryption keys.

Logging and Auditing – Dell Cloud Manager logs all activity across your clouds. Track activity by user through reports or by integrating monitoring and management systems.

API Integration – Leverage your internal management systems by integrating with the Dell Cloud Manager REST-based API.

With the right governance solution in place, you limit your risk while reaping the benefits of incorporating cloud computing across your organization.

To learn more, review the screen shots below or view a Dell Cloud Manager demo. If you have questions or would like to discuss your project in more detail, contact us or call 612-746-3091.

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The Technical Perspective

How do you adhere to your policies and procedures in the cloud? With Dell Cloud Manager, you gain control and compliance.

Ensure Your Governance Policies are Met

We have built Dell Cloud Manager on the foundation of separation of roles in an IT infrastructure. Through the combination of role separation with the wide use of encryption and proper key management, you can construct a cloud-based infrastructure that will tolerate failures at multiple levels without damaging the overall integrity of your data, as well as your ability to recover from disaster.

Key Management and Encryption

By retaining all cloud credentials outside the cloud provider, Dell Cloud Manager provides the most secure cloud solution for your applications. All communication between the provisioning system and the credentials system occurs over SSL web services using an SSL certificate signed by GeoTrust, VeriSign, or GlobalSign. In addition, all file systems attached to all virtual machines in this infrastructure are encrypted using AES-256 encryption.

Access Controls

Dell Cloud Manager provides role-based security allowing you to access or manage resources as required. Users can be alerted to specific actions or issues and billing codes can be allocated to budget resources. Dell Cloud Manager also supports LDAP and Active Directory to allow you to leverage existing enterprise identities and roles.

Intrusion Detection and Alerting

With Dell Cloud Manager, you can monitor your cloud infrastructure and protect it from incidents that violate your computer security policies and practices. Dell Cloud Manager provides configurable alert thresholds which can be tailored by user to meet your unique requirements.


To allow you to meet your most important security needs, Dell Cloud Manager lets you define the security profiles applied to user authentication. The Dell Cloud Manager system is capable of integrating with and augmenting user authentication via several methods, such as:

  • Username and password authentication
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Federation
  • Open ID with trusted providers
  • LDAP authentication

Dell Cloud Manager also provides single sign-on support for cloud management.

Logs and Reports

Dell Cloud Manager provides a range of logs and reports to enable you to monitor your cloud infrastructure.

  • Customizable alerts based on your policies.
  • Printable and downloadable list of complete firewall rules across infrastructure.
  • Log changes through the Dell Cloud Manager console (or Dell Cloud Manager web services) of who changed the configuration, including reason.
  • Alerts of any firewall changes whether made in the Dell Cloud Manager console or externally.
  • The ability to describe IP addresses and network segments in firewall rules for audit purposes.
  • Server usage charts, detailed server statistics, and pending job list.

You can also use labels to color code servers in the server manager, based on your needs. With Dell Cloud Manager, you also get monthly reports that will identify all costs by billing code associated with your cloud infrastructure across all clouds.

To learn more, review the screen shots below or view an Dell Cloud Manager demo. If you have questions or would like to discuss your project in more detail, contact us or call 612-746-3091.

Budget Controls

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Access Controls

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